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Tax Information

Alon USA Partners is a publicly traded master limited partnership. Unitholders are partners in Alon USA Partners and receive cash distributions if applicable. A partnership generally is not subject to federal or state income tax. The annual income, gains, losses, deductions, or credits of Alon USA Partners flow through to its investors, who are required to report their allocated share of these amounts on their tax returns as though the investor had incurred these items directly.

Each March, investors receive Schedule K-1 tax packages that summarize their allocated share of Alon USA Partners' reportable tax items. In general, cash distributions received during the year should not be reported as taxable income even though those distributions may be shown on a statement issued by a broker. Only the amounts shown on the Schedule K-1 should be entered on Unitholders' tax returns.

Mailing of Alon USA Partners’ Schedule K-1s to unitholders is now underway. At that time, Schedule K-1s are also accessible to unitholders online using Alon USA Partners' enhanced Partner DataLink K-1 information website. If you would like to access current or prior year Schedule K-1 tax information online, please go to For additional information regarding Schedule K-1 tax information, please call 888-963-8992 or e-mail to

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  • It is the responsibility of each holder of Alon USA Partners, LP units to investigate the legal and tax consequences of his or her investment under federal tax law and the laws of pertinent states and localities. You should consult your tax advisor regarding to these matters.