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Investor Center


  • What is Alon USA Partners, LP's stock symbol?
  • Our stock is traded on the NYSE under the symbol ALDW.

  • Can I buy stock directly from Alon USA Partners, LP?
  • No, you will need to contact a licensed stock broker or use an online trading account.

  • How can I buy stock in Alon USA Partners, LP?
  • Through a licensed stock broker or by using an online trading account.

  • How do I change the address on my shareholder account?
  • Through your brokerage account or by contacting our transfer agent.

  • When was Alon USA Partners, LP incorporated?
  • Alon USA Partners was incorporated in August 2012.

  • When did Alon USA Partners, LP become a public company?
  • ALDW went public in November 2012.

  • Where is Alon USA Partners, LP located?
  • 12700 Park Central Drive
    Suite 1600
    Dallas, TX 75251

  • When is Alon USA Partners, LP's fiscal year end?
  • December 31st

  • Who is Alon USA Partners, LP's transfer agent?
  • American Stock Transfer and Trust Company LLC
    6201 15th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11219

  • Who are Alon USA Partners, LP's independent auditors?
  • Ernst & Young, LLP

  • Whom can I contact for general information about Alon USA Partners, LP?
  • Keith Johnson
    Vice President, Investor Relations
    Delek US Holdings
    Phone: 615-435-1366